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Here at Burbank Auto Detail, we have some of the safest, most advanced, and most efficient detailing technology and cleaning systems on the market today, providing maximum car detailing results at highly competitive rates. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and that’s why we’re bringing vehicle owners like you with various car detailing services and packages, as well as other solutions. We want to set our company from the rest of the auto detailers in the area. So, we’re also providing color correction services, paint protection film installations, and even window tinting. Check out exactly what we can provide for you and your car.


Paint Protection Film

For the ultimate car lover that wants the ultimate protection, we offer auto paint protection films (more commonly called Clearbra) to protect your vehicle’s finish from various micro damages such as rock chips, cloth abrasions, and whatever else might reduce your paint’s luster. The film has UV inhibitors which help the paint of the vehicle to age equally to that of the paint not protected by the paint protection film, making it look as though the car’s exterior looks as even as possible in terms of paint. We aim to make and install auto paint protection film as seamless as possible to make it blend with the exterior well. Light scratches, swirls, and other imperfections on the PPF itself are a thing of the past since the ones we use contain specialized properties that self-heal when exposed to heat.

Available PPF Packages

  • Front Bumper and Mirrors
  • Front Bumper, full fenders
  • Full hood and mirrors
  • Full Vehicle
  • Fender

The fender, hood, bumper, and headlight are covered in Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film with minimal to no visibility to the eye.

Ceramic Coatings

Our Nano ceramic coating is considered the best protection coating for your car’s exterior. The advanced technology in the ceramic coating that we use allows for the material to bond to a surface semi-permanently, and with our team of professionals making it layered seamlessly over the covered surface without the worry of bubbles or unevenness. We highly recommend this service if you want a longer lasting protective coating for your car while having that gloss-like appearance similar to a newly waxed car. Having ceramic coating over your car’s exterior also keeps it from incurring any micro scratches as the coating takes the damage, keeping the paint below unharmed. Not only that, but the properties of the coating that we use also give it a hydrophobic effect, making it repel anything that comes in contact with it, which in return makes for a more protected vehicle and easier cleaning and maintenance. Our ceramic coating's lifespan can vary from the amount of coating applied and how frequently the vehicle is washed and maintained. It can be estimated to last around 2 years or as long as 9 and would depend on the level of protection desired.

Paint Correction

Ever notice that some portions of your vehicle are faded and somewhat different from the rest? That’s due to micro scratches and imperfections that have accumulated on your vehicle's surface throughout the years. The most commonly affected areas are the hood and front bumper since that’s where debris usually comes in contact with most often, especially during driving. Through time, these scratches and imperfections haze the sheen on your paint, leaving it looking dull and differently colored. Here’s where paint correction comes into the picture.

Paint correction involves compounding and polishing your vehicle’s paint to near perfection. We polish the paint in order to bring it to the highest quality that can be achieved without stripping away the paint in the process. Our team will remove as many defects and blemishes on the paint surface, thus restoring the paintwork in most cases to a better than new state. Sometimes, if the scratches are relatively significant, wet sanding might be required. After we’re done with the paint correction procedure, your paint will look glossier and richer than ever before due to their not being blemishes to reflect the light in different directions.

Not all vehicles are suitable for a paint correction. There are cases where some scratches simply will not polish out, and proceeding with sanding might thin out the vehicle’s paint. If your vehicle’s paint is rather thin, you might want to skip paint correction. Our specialists will be able to identify if your vehicle is qualified for paint correction. If not, we can recommend other services that can help bring the gloss back to your vehicle’s surface.

Using proper techniques on paint corrections to ensure vehicles have the best finish possible.

Exterior auto detail services

We consider car detailing to be our bread and butter. Our team of professionals are highly trained and naturally inclined to taking care of vehicles. This combination gives us the advantage over the local competition. We like to treat each car that comes into the shop as our own. The moment your vehicle enters the shop, our technicians will begin with the process of assessing what the vehicle needs and will recommend the right detailing package for you. We will then begin with the car detailing once you have agreed.

Let’s be real, people simply are drawn to the shine and gloss of a brand-new car. It just simply screams attention. But the same cannot be said for a car who has seen better days. And while car washing can indeed make your car look better, it doesn't give that wow factor that everyone is drawn to. With car detailing, particularly exterior auto detailing, panels, windows, tires, under chassis, grill, and lights are meticulously cleaned, waxed, buffed, polished, and protected. The car’s paint in particular will be given that Burbank Auto Detail attention, we’ll buff all panels to remove those micro scratches that reduce the car’s luster. We’ll make sure to follow the steps required to properly and safely clean your ride and transform it to when it initially looked when it first rolled out the showroom. Check out the things we do when you opt for our car detailing services.

  • Hand wash, clay and wax
  • Hand wash,clay,polish and wax
  • Paint sealant
  • Head light restoration
  • Overs pray removal
  • Hand or machine wax
  • Remodel
  • Engine steam clean
  • Monthly mini detail service

Interior auto detailing

Of course, it’s not enough that your vehicle looks pristine on the outside. Drivers throughout Burbank and LA County, and even the entire country for that matter, understands the importance of having a clean interior. Simply wiping off the upholstery cannot guarantee quality cleaning, especially if it has already been affected by mold growth. This persistent problem will come back time and time again without dealing with it properly. And let’s face it, with all the components present inside the vehicle, there’s simply no time to clean everything properly. So, partner with Burbank Auto Detail and we’ll provide top-tier interior auto detailing for your vehicle. Every nook and cranny are thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed and conditioned, effectively removing dirt, stain, mold, and smell. We’ll leave your vehicle’s interior looking, feeling, and smelling like a brand-new car when we’re through with it, guaranteeing that your investment is definitely worth it. See what we have in store for you with our interior auto detailing service.

  • Shampoo complete interior fabrics
  • Vinyl cleaned and dress
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Floor mats shampooed
  • Dog hair removal
  • Heating and cooling deodorizing system
  • Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Window tinting is more than just making your vehicle look sleek. In fact, there are multiple benefits for opting to tint your car’s windows. For one, it adds a sense of privacy to those inside the car. You can see them, but they can’t see you as we like to say. Another benefit is that it refracts the rays of the sun, giving off less glare to passengers and more importantly, the driver. Heat is also reduced since the tint lessens the amount of heat directly entering the interior of the vehicle. Lastly, and this one is quite unknown to most people, is that window tinting can actually reduce the wear and tear that your upholstery and panels incur. It’s a well-known fact that constant sun exposure can leave your leather interior looking worn out and dry. So, having that added protective measure can prolong your vehicle’s interior.

Burbank Auto Detail is an authorized dealer of Suntek Window films. We offer a wide variety of window tints, from the most basic ones to ceramic tint which is not only aesthetically pleasing but protects your interior from harmful UV Rays and Heat.

Our rates are based on size and condition of the vehicle, so give us a call if you’re opting for window tinting so we can give you a proper estimate for your car. Better yet, drop by the shop and have our team of professional window tinters assess your vehicle before you opt for the actual window tinting itself.


Here at Burbank Auto Detail, we treat your vehicle as though it were our own. So, partner with the fastest and more effective window tinting specialist this side of Burbank and the entire LA County today. For more information, give us a call or send us an email. We are located at 1827 North Keystone Street, Burbank California. Our staff is highly accommodating and will effectively cater to your car’s detailing needs.